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Monday, September 26, 2005

Dua when Ramadhaan Approaches

It is reported from Hadhrat Ubadah bin Samit(radhiyallahu anhu) that: Sayyidina Rasulullah(sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) used to teach us these words (dua) when Ramadhaan approached:

Allahumma sal-limni li-ramadhaana wa-sal-lim ramadhaana li wa-sal-limhu li muta-qab-bala

" O Allah! Protect me (from such sicknesses, diseases, etc. that will prevent me from observing the fast of Ramadhaan, make the month of Ramadhaan clear for me (let not the crescent be obscure in the beginning and end of Ramadhaan for fear that a doubt may arise in the observance and omission of fasting) and save me from sins in the month of Ramadhaan so that my acts of worship are accepted and not nullified."

[Hayatus Sahabah Vol. 3 Pg. 275]

Courtesy: http://www.everymuslim.com/

Blogger B said...

i m about to forward this dua to friends, wanted to know is it one of the Sahih hadiths?  

Blogger lanallah said...
wa alaikum salaam warahmatullah

Ma'af we do not know if it's one of the Sahih Hadiths.  

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