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Friday, November 30, 2007

In the Sight of ALLAH

Ml Yunus Patel Saab (D.B)

Sometimes, the poor person who lives in a hut is far superior in the sight of Allah than the one who has millions in his possession. Sometimes the person who has got millions and who possesses assets and properties to tremendous value acquires excellence by Allah.

A person can even be a King, and in the eye of Allah Ta’ala this person is also His Wali. It may well be that that poor person, who is living in a hut, is indulging in zina (adultery), stealing, gambling and other Haraam (forbidden) deeds and therefore, although poor, he is not a Wali of Allah.
The person who is fulfilling the rights of Allah Ta’ala and the rights of His creation, spending in the causes of Deen and earning his livelihood in a Halaal way has much esteem in the eye of Allah.

Allah Ta’ala states in the Qur`aan Sharief :“…Verily the most honoured of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you...” . [Surah Hujurat 49 : 13]

Allah Ta’ala does not base superiority and esteem on the number of degrees or the amount of wealth or properties a person may have. Neither does beauty, physique or gender contribute to a person’s esteem in the eye of Allah.

Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) had said :

“Verily Allah does not look towards your faces, or towards your riches; but He sees (the sincerity of) your hearts, and the nature of your deeds.”

The criterion which Allah Ta’ala goes by is how much of submission and obedience is to be found in a person’s life and how much of love for Allah and Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) is to be found in his heart. The discrimination is based on Taqwa.

It will only be on the Day of Qiyaamah that we will find out as to who was afdhal (most virtuous).

There will be many people, who in this world were recognized as pious and righteous but in the eye of Allah, they held no esteem. Why? Sometimes this is due to insincerity, or perhaps due to kibr (pride), ujub (vanity) and riyaa (show) or perhaps the person carried out his duties in an ignorant manner. Due to this, his actions do not find favour and acceptance with Allah Ta’ala. (May Allah Ta’ala protect us from all such weaknesses.)

Maulana Sayed Sulaiman Nadvi (Rahmatullah ‘alaih) used to say:

Whether we live like this
Or live like that,
What is left to be seen
Is how our stay there will be.

No matter what people call us in this world,
we still have to await the Day of Qiyaamah to know our worth by ALLAH.
Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Why would Allah forgive a big sinner like me?

Why would Allah forgive a big sinner like me?

lt is reported by a trustworthy man of the past that as he was passing through a street he saw the door of a house open. A woman came out with a child who was crying and pleading while she was pushing him out. She left him outside the house and slammed the door shut in his face. The child left the door and walked a distance. Then he stopped, looked about, began to think, and not finding any other place but his own house where he could take shelter nor anyone who would care for him as his mother would, he returned to his house dejected, sad. He found the door shut. He sat at the sill, put his cheek on the threshold and slept with tear marks on his cheeks. He was in this state when the mother opened the door. When she saw him in this state she could not control herself. She bent down, grabbed him to her bosom, began to kiss him and say in tears: "Oh my boy! My dear child! My very soul! Where were you? Didn't I tell you not to disobey me? Do my bidding, and don't force me to punish you, while I hate to do that." Then she carried the child back and closed the door behind her.

That is the story of a mother and a child: the story of disobedience, punishment, return, forgiveness and unbound love. But the Prophet, salla Allah u alihi wa sallam, has told us that: "Allah loves His creation more than a woman does her child." In fact, there is no comparison between the love of a mother for her child and that of Allah whose Mercy encompasses everything. Allah, azza wa jall, is immensely pleased with a man when he repents and turns to Him. And we shall never be deprived of anything by a Lord who is more pleased with the repenting man, than that man..

"..who was traveling through an arid land. He dismounted and took shelter under a tree seeking some rest. He lay there with his beast, loaded with food and water, at his side. But when he awoke, lo! The beast was gone! He began to search for it frantically. He climbed a hill but couldn't see a trace of it. He climbed another hill and still no trace of it. Finally, when hunger and thirst overtook him, he said, 'Let me go back to the tree, and lay down there until death overtakes me.' So he went back to the tree, and lay there with eyes closed - in total despair. And lo! As he opened his eyes and raised his head, there the beast was, right before his very eyes, with all the food and water loaded on it intact! He rushed to it and picked up its halter. (Can you imagine his happiness) But lo! Allah is happier with a man when he turns to Him seeking His forgiveness, than the man who found his beast when he had lost all hopes."

Know it, my dear brother, that true repentance of every sin also brings with it humility and devotion to Allah, and that pleading of a penitent is very dear to Allah. So that what follows after repentance is obedience of a greater degree to the extent that sometimes Satan regrets that he enticed him into that sin at all. That is why you will see that those who repent become very much changed personalities.

Allah does not abandon a man who comes to Him a penitent. Compare the situation with that of a father who used to look after his son with great love and care, providing him with the best of clothing, food and toys. Then one day the father sent him on an errand. But, as the boy was walking an enemy took hold of him, tied him and carried him away to the land of the enemies. There his master treated him exactly in the opposite manner. So that whenever the boy remembered his father and his treatment, his eyes swelled with tears, and the heart with pain. He was in this condition of ill-treatment at the hands of his enemies, when their caravan happened to pass by his father's place again. As he looked around he found his father standing nearby. He ran to him and threw himself at him crying "My father! My very father!". His master followed him and was trying to pull him away, but the boy clung to his father, refusing to let him go. What do you think of this father? Do you think he will abandon him to the enemy, refusing to take back the child? If not, then what is your opinion of the Lord whose love of His creation is greater than the love of a father for his child? When a slave of His runs away from his enemies, and throws himself at the threshold of His door, rolling down in dust before him, saying: "O my Lord! Have mercy upon him who has no one to show Mercy save You, no Helper save you, no refuge save You, no Savior save You, I am Your slave, in Your need, dependent on You, beggar at Your door, You are the refuge, with You is the shelter, there is refuge but with You, nor escape from You except to You" then surely the Lord is not going to turn him back empty handed.

Come along then. On to the good deeds, to virtuous living, in the company of the righteous, steering yourself safe from deviations after the right direction, and misguidance after guidance. And Allah is with you.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Going with the FLOW

A story tells of an old man who accidentally fell into the river rapids leading to a high and dangerous waterfall. Onlookers feared for his life. Miraculously, he came out alive and unharmed downstream at the bottom of the falls. People asked him how he managed to survive. "I accommodated myself to the water, not the water to me. Without thinking, I allowed myself to be shaped by it. Plunging into the swirl, I came out with the swirl. This is how I survived."

People's reactions to this story:

"You have to accommodate yourself to life and get used to dealing with your problems as they come. You must learn to cooperate."

"We must adapt to nature. Nature cannot change for us. If you try to fight the natural forces, they will overcome you. Because we are made primarily of water, it is easy to become a part of it."

"Because nature is so much more powerful than we are, we must become one with it in order to survive."
"Humans are not the almighty conquerors that they think they are. We can learn a lot from nature. Nature is wonderful and does not intend to harm. It is humans that are harmful."

"Work with what life gives you and you will survive." "Put your life into Allah's hands and you will be OK."

"Although you may not be able to control your destiny, you always have the ability to think and reason about your situation. This will help you come out on top."