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Sunday, August 21, 2005

think on it...

by Binte Abdul Khaliq

How 'cool' is 'cool'
before you're so cold
that you care not
of what's being told?
That the Qur'an and Sunnah so beautiful and adored
is not important anymore
just blatantly ignored?
How 'hot' is 'hot'
before you get burnt
don't play with fire
haven't you learnt?
The flames of immodesty
burn away shame
And faith is sacrificed
for excuses so lame
How 'in' would be 'in
'before you fall into sin
before deen is compromised
and dunya is prioritised?
Before pleasing people
is your ultimate aim
And Allah's pleasure
is sacrificed for fame?
How 'open minded' is 'open minded'
before your conscience falls out
and the things that you do
and those that suit you?
Before the laws of Allah
you hold in contempt,
considering inadequate
that which was Divinely sent?
Where do we draw the line?
Where is the boundry?
These labels we crave
yet evil it paves
Let's aspire for the title
that certainly will be enviable
on a day that will capture
every soul with fear
A smile will he wear
such a sight will be rare
His status will be raised
His name will be praised
He will have succeeded
as the warnings he had heeded
No grief shall he be in
He who strived to be a 'Mu'min'

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