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LANALLAH __Islamic BlogZine__
Friday, September 09, 2005

Fleeing from De@th..

One day before noon a noble man arrived and ran into Sulayman's hall of justice, for Sulayman (AS) was famed far and wide for his ability as a judge. The man's face was pale with anxiety and fear and his lips were blue.

Sulayman (AS) said, "What is the matter?"

He replied, "Azra'il, the angel of death, gave me such a look, full of anger and hatred."

Sulayman (AS) said,"What do you desire of me? Ask me right away."The noble man said,"Tell the wind to carry me from here to India.. Maybe, in this way I can save my life."

Sulayman (AS) had great power, and he recommanded the wind to carry the man to India. Now, Sulayman (AS) was a great prophet, and would often meet and sit with the Angel of Death. The very next day, he asked Azra'il,

"Did you look at that Muslim with an expession of anger and hatred in order to drive him into exile from his home?"

Azra'il said,"When did I look at him angrily? I saw him as I passed by and looked at him in astonishment, because Allah had told me, "Today you will take his spirit in India." I said to myself in amazement, "Even if he had a hundred wings, it is a long way for him to be India today."
So look at all the affairs of the world and open your eyes and see! From whom shall we run away? From ourselves? How absurd! From whom shall we take ourselves away? From Allah? What a crime!

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