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Friday, April 08, 2005

Youth…. to Life

By El-Sayed M. Amin
March 31, 2005

The youth enjoy a very special status in Islam. Whenever the youth are mentioned, one recalls the turning points in the history of Islam and how they played their distinguished roles that were taken as examples for others in later ages.
Many of the Prophet’s Companions (may Allah be pleased with them) played major roles in reshaping the face of life in their respective communities. They were the epitome of trust, honor, gentleness, bravery, and kindness. `Ali ibn Abu Talib, for example, was the first young man to accept Islam and from the moment he embraced the new religion he was fully committed to its teachings. He slept in the Prophet’s bed on the night of the Hijrah when the people of Makkah surrounded the Prophet’s house plotting to kill him. The Prophet also entrusted `Ali to deliver the deposits he had been entrusted with back to their owners and `Ali carried out the task successfully.

Nowadays, we are really in need of youth who are both active and proactive in life. Young Muslim people should never be idle or an added burden on their family’s budget or on their society. We have to interact and make good relations with all the people around us. Our time is very precious simply because it is our age. Islam considers it a shameful sin for a young person to refrain from being a vital tool in life. In more than one Prophetic hadith, the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) stated that a Muslim will be asked on the Day of Judgment about his youth and how he spent it. Thus, it is a big responsibility and each of us should shoulder it with feelings of ambition.

The Prophet of Islam was really a unique example in being active in his community. For such activity and truthfulness, he was known among his people as As-Sadiq al-Amin or the truthful and honest. He loved work and he himself worked in rearing and keeping sheep for Khadijah who really admired his honesty to the extent that she herself proposed marriage to him.

Not only Prophet Muhammad, but also Prophet Joseph was heavily tested in his morals but he declined to submit to base desires.

Our role as youth is to become active in the life around us and strive to make real changes by:

1. Refraining from vices in all their forms, and replacing our bad habits with good ones.
2. Epitomizing the good shining examples of the early generations of Muslims as well as the active roles of Allah's prophets in their respective communities.

3. Managing our faculties as young people and making real changes by joining hands with all useful interactive projects in our local communities.

4. Understanding Islam in its wider concept, and making use of its rich literature concerning youth.

5. Recharging our spiritual batteries and reevaluating our approaches to life.

6. Being a comprehensive source of guidance in all life affairs to the best of our abilities.

7. Mastering worldly knowledge, and keeping up-to-date with sophisticated technologies.

8. Offering a helping hand to those in need, and being a source of comfort, not only to human beings but also to animals as well as all the kinds of nature around us.

9. Ascribing our personal achievements to the impacts Islam left on us, and showing others the real traits of the pious Muslims.

10. Feeling that we are part and parcel of the world we are living in, and avoiding ivory tower notions.

With these and many other tips, I think we will leave an indelible mark upon the face of this earth, and at the same time we will be better managing our resources as young people in a peaceful and more interactive way.

courtesy: Islamonline.net

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