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LANALLAH __Islamic BlogZine__
Wednesday, March 23, 2005
WANTED: A Sincere Believer

Job Type: sincere, striving Muslim as an educator and inspirer to him/her self and the world

Certificate Required: minimum basic skills in forbearance, patience, gentleness, veracity, wisdom and obedience to God and His teachings

Salary: Verily those who give (in charity and efforts), men and women, and lend Allah a goodly loan - it shall be increased manifold to their credit! And theirs shall be an honorable, good reward (in this life and the next). Al-Qur'an 57:18

Work Year: 24/7 all year round commitmentFull Time/Part Time: full timeContact: Your Lord for further helpApplication

Deadline: Your death

We have doctors, but not physically healthy people

We have psychiatrists, but not mentally healthy people
We have lawyers, but not justice
We have police and armies, but not safety
We have politicians, but not peace
We have entertainers, but not lasting happiness
We have scientists, but not tangible advancement
We have teachers, but not enlightment

This is meant at a general scale, no one can deny their necessity. Yet a flood of doctors or lawyers is not the answer to our problems, as we can see by the overflow of these professionals. We need...we need...


Yes, you!We need honest, sincere believers in God who will dedicate their life to spreading the beautiful message of all that is good - Islam.

Some people think this means giving up all that is gay and merry and adopting all that is solemn and austere.Those people are truly ignorant of the commodious nature of Islam. Islam is not a set of grim rules and commandments. It is life as God wants us to live it. It is the answer to true humanity. You can still keep your day job, you can still commit to the Wednesday knit club. Yet, let your limbs embody the message of God:

Keep...your eyes sparkling with kindness
your nose out of people's affairs
your mouth a messenger of honesty and a commander of good and forbidder of evil
your hands on honest grounds
your legs from walking to that which is not pure
Be the embodiment of goodness.

Mothers! You who hold the future of mankind in your arms, give us hope! The job is in demand, so raise for us competent beings who will work to bring success to mankind.

O' Creator of all, make this possible. Ameen.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Masha'Allah,nyc 1! ;)  

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