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LANALLAH __Islamic BlogZine__
Saturday, February 19, 2005


When I have true faith, I fear nothing and no one.
I experience Divine attention and care.
When my loved ones are in "danger", I trust that there is a Divine wisdom greater than my needs and desires.
Although I fight with love for a world of equality and well being for all, I am able to perceive divine justice and wisdom behind the apparent injustices.

When I have true faith, I do not complain when my desires are not fulfilled.
I do not feel that I have been forgotten when my prayers "are not answered", because I trust that the Divine knows better the needs of my soul.

When I have true faith, I am liberated from the need to control all and everyone. I allow each to follow his or her own inner voice.
I neither criticize nor condemn others or myself.

When I have true faith, I forgive easily, as I am aware that each experience is a just and wise opportunity for my growth process.
I feel secure in my confidence that all results of my efforts will be the best possible outcome for our mutual evolution.
I have patience because I know that the Divine knows better when my desires should be satisfied.

When I have true faith, I love all unconditionally - even those whom I do not know, and those who behave egotistically because I remember that each being is a unique Divine expression.
I never feel lonely. I feel the Divine close to me around me and within me.
I am sincere and truthful in all my transactions and communications. Doing otherwise would be to lie or cheat my own Self.
I give to all, serving the Divine in each. I remember that it is the one Universal Consciousness (my "Self") who is hungry who is homeless, orphaned or in jail.

When I have true faith, I am simple and humble. I have no need to boast of myself in order to feel my self-worth
My divine nature is my self-worth. What more then can I have or do in order to be worthy?
As divine energy is it possible that my self-worth can be change because of other people's opinions?

When I have true faith, I have clarity and power.
My energy is free to focus in the present and to express itself creatively and effectively.

When I have true faith, I am happy. I perceive Divine beauty everywhere and in everyone. Also in myself
My mind is free to experience the present, which is much more beautiful than the past and future.

When I have true faith, I proceed with courage even into the unknown because I know very well that all is Divine.
I radiate Joy, Light and Love.
There is peace and exhalation.
All is Divine.

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