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Saturday, February 05, 2005


Allah Ta'ala says in the Quraan: (and recite the Quraan fluently and correctly.) "Surah 73"

The Quraan being the most glorious book and the word of The One and only Supreme Monarch -Allah.

It is thus most important for every Muslim to recite the Quraan with all due respect and at the same time consider it a privilege to be able to recite the words of Allah.

Those who experienced the emotion of love will know how worthy of adoration a letter or speech of the beloved is for one who has lost his heart. The ecstacy and emotions that follow are beyond all the rules and regulations, as it is said "Love will teach you the rules of love."

While reciting the Quraan, if we attempt to visualize the beauty and limitless bounty of our beloved Allah, our hearts will be swayed with emotions of heavenly love. At the same time, the fact that the Quraan is the word of the Master of masters and the ordinance of the King of Kings. It is the law promulgated by the most powerful Monarch that never was equalled by the greatest of humans and never will be equalled.

Those who have been involved in matters pertaining to the courts of rulers know and those who were not involved can assume or imagine what awe the order of the King has on the hearts of those involved. The Quraan being the word of our beloved Allah and the order of the Supreme Monarch both the love and awe of Allah must be present while reciting the Quraan.

When Hazrat lkrimah (R.A.) opened the Quraan to recite he would fall unconscious and after regaining consciousness he would immediately say, "These are the words of my Allah, these are the words of my Allah."

The above mentioned is briefly the Aadaab of reciting the Quraan. However, the few Aadaab that the great scholars and mashaaikh have written in great numbers will very concisely be put forward for the readers.

A person when reciting the Quraan should recite it as a slave before the Most Gracious whose words these are. The sufis have stated that a person who recites the Quraan with all the rules and yet feels that he is not reciting the Quraan correctly will gain nearness to Allah and that person who feels that he is reciting the Quraan very well is surely drifting away from Allah.

The Aadaab before reciting,

1.Perform wudhu and also use the Miswaak.

2.Sit in a secluded place.

3.Face towards the Qibla.

4.With contentment of heart sit and recite the Quraan in such a manner as if one is reciting it in the presence of Allah.

5.If one understands what he is reciting then when he recites an ayat of mercy he should ask Allah to have mercy on him, if he recites an ayat in which the punishment of Allah is mentioned then he should ask Allah to save him from that punishment, and if an ayat in which the grace and glory of Allah is mentioned then one should say " Subhaanallah."

6. While reciting one should shed tears, if this is not possible then one should at least by force even let a few drops flow.

7.If one is reciting the Quraan and the niyat is not for memorising it, then one should recite slowly and not hastily.

8.The Quraan should be placed on a desk, pillow or any elevated place while reciting.

9.While reciting the Quraan one must not talk to any person, if it is very important then the Quraan must be closed, thereafter if one desires to continue reciting, the "Taowwuz" should be recited first and thereafter the recitation be carried on.

10.To recite the Quraan audibly is recommended; however, if one is reciting in such a place where others are present i.e. Masjids or gatherings, then it is better to recite softly.

11.All the rules and regulations pertaining to the recitation of the Quraan i.e. tajweed and makhaarij should be adhered to.

12.One should recite in a melodious tune, as this has been mentioned in many ahaadith. However to recite in the tunes of singers and non- believers is strongly forbidden.

13.The use of Itr (perfume that does not contain alcohol) is also recommended.

14.While reciting from the Quraan one must not lean on to anything or lie down or stretch ones legs out.

15.While reciting if one feels tired or starts to yawn then the recitation should be stopped and only after resting or when the tiredness is over should the recitation continue.

16.One should not recite the Quraan while walking and at the same time looking into the Quraan.

The abovementioned are a few of the important aadaab, if these are given due attention, lnsha Allah we will find the true benefits as promised by Allah and his beloved Rasool (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam )

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