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LANALLAH __Islamic BlogZine__
Sunday, January 30, 2005


I need Your help YA RAHMAN, please help me, I am falling

I crave Your mercy YA RAHEEM, without YOU I am nothing

I need strength from YOU ,YA QADIR; it's so easy to slip

I need wisdom from YOU , YA HAKEEM, from Your fountain grant me a sip

I need courage to fight YA KABEER, to fight my nafs and the cursed shaitaan

I need true Knowledge YA 'ALEEM, to be from those who have pure Imaan.

I need Your light YA NOOR,I am groping in the darkness

I need Your guidance YA BASEER , please lift from me my blindness

I ask of YOU ,YA RAZZAQ, for it is YOU who provides

I need peace from YOU ,YA SALAAM, so that my restlessness subsides

I beg of Your forgiveness YA GHAFFAR, my sins fill me with utter shame

My wrongdoings are so many YA WAASIT, Too many for me to name

I am scared YA HAAFIZ, I beg of Your protection

Imbue me with Gratitude YA SHAKOOR, and my heart with love and affection

I am weak YA QUDDOOS; I am drowning in the oceans of my greed

I ask Hidaya from YOU , YA MU'EZ, Verily I am in need

Please hear my cries YA MUJEEB, No one else can I turn to

I submit to YOU , YA A’LIY, for there is NONE Higher than YOU

I bow my head in Awe of YOU , YA 'AZEEM, please accept my Dua

And never leave me for even a second Oh My Creator,Oh My most Loving ALLAH!

Subhanaka Rabbil I'zzati 'Amma Yasifoon
WaSalaamun Alal Mursaleen.
Walhamdulillahi Rabbil A'aalammen
Birahmatika Ra YA Arhamar Raahimeen.

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