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LANALLAH __Islamic BlogZine__
Sunday, January 23, 2005

When Things Are Down...

When things are down And you are out of your mind
Remember just remember Allah is The Kind.

When your life is in darkness And nothing is right
Remember just remember Through the darkness, Allah is The Light.

When nothing makes sense And your heading for demise
Remember just remember It doesn't make sense, but Allah is The Wise.

When times are troubled And no one seems to care
Remember just remember Allah won't hurt you, He is The Fair.

When your heart is breaking And your pain makes you fall
Remember just remember Allah Sees it all.

When you are weak And the road seems long
Remember just remember Seek strength from The Strong.

When life is a burden And everything is unstable
Remember just remember Allah is The Able.

When the way is cloudy And there is no one by your side
Remember just remember Allah is The Only Guide.

When no one wants to listen Or is willing to lend an ear
Remember just remember Allah is always ready to hear.

When you are poor and penniless And you are stuck in a niche
Remember just remember Allah is The Rich.

When you are down in your misery And there is nowhere to run
Remember just remember You can always run to The One.

When your all alone And your pain has no end
Remember just remember Allah is the one to mend.

And when your scars are hurting And your heart is in fear
Remember just remember Allah is really here.

Blogger Ishaq said...
O! He who answers His servant before he asks
O! He who rewards the disobedient with forgiveness
O! He who when approached by His servant for forgiveness
conceals the ugly(faults)and rewards with good
O! He Who's one in His throne and doesn't have a second
O! He who when I call "Ya Maulaya", He answers me
I forget, while you remember me in all difficulities
How then should i forget You O! He who doesn't forget me?  

Blogger lanallah said...
AsSalaamu Alaikum

Beautiful Dua MashAllah

WAs Salaam  

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