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LANALLAH __Islamic BlogZine__
Thursday, November 25, 2004

The Rainbow - a sign from Allah!

SubhanAllah!!! Let us ponder on the Greatness and Mercy of the One who created this Beautiful Rainbow.He is the Creator of Beauty, He is the Creator of all things.How grateful we should be to ALLAH for creating such a thing as the Rainbow! Allahu Akbar have we ever thought about it? Allah sends us such a heartwarming sign in the form of the Rainbow!

Even after gigantic storms, Allah's sends the Rainbow. A sign of hope and mercy. We can take a lesson from this, don't you think? No matter how sinful we may be, whatever the condition of our life - be it rainy or stormy - if we turn to ALLAH, BEGGING Him for forgiveness and help...He will grant us peace and contentment. He will shine the Nur and Sweetness of Imaan into our hearts...just as He shines the Rainbow onto the land after the storm.

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