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LANALLAH __Islamic BlogZine__
Sunday, November 07, 2004

6 year old hafidha

This child is a 6 years old hafidha. She has memorized the Qur'aan with:

1- its ayaat (she would tell you the number of ayaat in each surah)
2- its ayat number
3- its meanings
4- its place of "tanzeel" ( madaneeyah or makeeyah)
5- its location on left or right of the page
6- she can also tell you all the ayaat in the Qur'an that talk about a special subject (e.g. Zakaat: she would recite all the ayaat that talk about zakat in the Qur'aan). Watch here: http://www.bolbol.net/islamics/videos/quranic_girl.ram
may Allah bless us all with children like her insha-Allah.

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