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LANALLAH __Islamic BlogZine__
Saturday, May 27, 2006

Tawakkultu 'Alallah

by Amatullah

covered by incomprehensible confusion,
stifled by angst,


just wanna go back
and do things differently.
reality is obscured,
i don't have the answers
to the questions
that shatter my peace of mind.
i don't have the courage
to change,
i am
where am i?
who am i?

where can i turn?

please someone,
help me.
just change the inner turmoil to peace,
who is there to help me?

from deep down inside
a spark
a voice
reaches out,
urging me to do
what i KNOW i must do.

i bow my head in shame.
How could i have turned elsewhere?
How could i have forgotten HIM?
HE, who has all the answers,
HE, who did not desert me
even though i deserted HIM,
HE, who has been waiting for me.

i pour out my soul's grief
from the porcelain jug of my heart.
i lay it all at HIS open door,
i leave it all in HIS outstretched hands,

Now there's a beat in my heart
I hadn't noticed it before,
The beat...
Of incomprehensible hope,
Of unending light,
Of Divine forgiveness,

Now life is transformed.
HIS beautiful qualities
Tranquilize my life,
Just as the rainbow
Colours the pure sky
After the hurricane.

I have rediscovered my
Purpose in life.
And though I still don't know all the answers,
It all makes sense now.
Allahu Akbar!

HE has all the answers,
HE will see me through,
HE will give me strength.
For HIS eternal promise:
HE will NEVER give me,
Has NEVER given me,
A burden I cannot bear.

Oh ALLAH, the Creator of Honesty and Justice,
You are The Most Wise, The Most Merciful.
Oh ALLAH, forgive me!
Oh ALLAH, I love Thee!

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